Henry (Shelton) Brown, III, PhD

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Associate Professor, Management, Policy & Community Health

The focus of Dr. Brown’s research has been in three areas of health economics: health insurance, diabetes, and childhood obesity. In the area of the productivity costs of diabetes, he has included family history of diabetes, which is a proxy for genetic information, in econometric models of diabetes?related labor costs. In the area of childhood obesity, he has assessed the cost?effectiveness of CATCH, a Coordinated Approach To Child Health school?based intervention program which aims to reduce childhood obesity, among other health goals.

Research Interests – Effects of and demand for health insurance; immigrants and minority groups; economic evaluation of public health interventions; productivity costs of chronic illness.

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Current Projects

HEAL (Healthy Eating Active Living)

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This project is a clinic-community based intervention to implement an early life-cycle approach to obesity prevention among pregnant women and women with infants from low-income families.

Recent Publications

Cost-effectiveness of a community-based weight control intervention targeting a low-socioeconomic-status Mexican-origin population

(Wilson, K, Brown HS, Bastida E; Health Promotion Practice, 2015)

The price of access: Capitalization of neighborhood contextual factors and obesity

(Brown HS, Yarnell LM; International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, 2013)

The cost-effectiveness of a school-based smoking prevention program in India

(Brown HS, Stigler MH, Perry CL, Dhavan P, Arora M, Reddy KS; Health Promotion International, 2013)

Cigarette Quitlines, Taxes, and Other Tobacco Control Policies: A State-Level Analysis

(Brown HS, Karson S; Health Economics, 2013)

Influence of grade-level drinking norms on individual drinking behavior

(Yarnell L, Brown HS, Pasch KE, Perry CL, Komro KA; American Journal of Health Behavior, 2013)