Recent Publications

A longitudinal study of risk perceptions and e-cigarette initiation among college students: Interactions with smoking status

(Cooper M, Loukas A, Case KR, Marti CN, Perry CL; Drug Alcohol Depend; 2018)

E-cigarette use and cigarette smoking cessation among Texas college students

(Mantey D, Loukas A, Cooper MR, Perry CL; American Journal of Health Behavior; 2017)

Exclusive e-cigarette use predicts cigarette initiation among college students addictive behaviors

(Loukas A, Marti CN, Cooper M, Pasch K, Perry CL; Addict Behav.; 2017)

Social Norms, Perceptions and Dual/Poly Tobacco Use among Texas Youth

(Cooper M, Creamer MR, Ly C, Crook B, Harrell MB, Perry CL; Am J Health Behav; 2016)

E-Cigarette Marketing Exposure Is Associated With E-Cigarette Use Among US Youth

(Mantey DS, Cooper MR, Clendennen SL, Pasch KE, Perry CL; Journal of Adolescent Health; 2016)