TX RPC Health Policy Resources

The Texas Research-to-Policy Collaboration (TX RPC) Project develops resources available to policymakers to provide facts and evidence on health-related topics.

The TX RPC Project has created multiple health policy resources related to public health topics of interest expressed by Texas legislators. If you would like to request information, please complete this form.

If you intend to share information from these TX RPC Project reports or overviews with your constituents or media, we ask you to please reference this project as the source if possible: The Texas Research-to-Policy Collaboration Project is conducted by the Michael & Susan Dell Center for Healthy Living at the UTHealth School of Public Health in Austin.  Questions or inquiries should be directed to: [email protected]

Food Access and Insecurity

Maternal & Child Health

Behavioral Health

Environmental Health

School & After-School Care


Overall Health

Healthcare Access


COVID-19 Pandemic

Past Legislative Resources Supporting TX RPC Project

The resources listed below are past legislative or policy driven initiatives led by Drs. Hoelscher and van den Berg that support the current TX RPC Project.