About the Texas Health Champion Award

TOAW banner 2019-01

The Texas Health Champion Award is presented to public health leaders who have demonstrated exemplary achievement in reducing the burden and/or raising awareness of the obesity epidemic in Texas. Nominees considered for the award may be individuals, organizations, or project teams from community organizations, educational agencies, non-profit organizations, or government offices. 

The 2019 Texas Health Champion Award will be presented at the 12th Annual Texas Health Champion Award Ceremony held during Texas Obesity Awareness Week (September 8-14, 2019) in Austin

Texas Health Champion applications are available online.

More about the Texas Health Champion Award

Awardees are selected by a committee of academic and professional peers based on: 1) The nominee’s effective inclusion of all essential populations, 2) The nominee’s effort toward sustainability, and 3) The nominee’s overall impact on the burden of obesity.  Award recipients have mobilized community efforts to prevent and reduce obesity and have promoted physical activity and nutritional health through research, practice, policy development, social marketing, behavioral interventions or innovative partnerships.