Health promotion interweaving: Designing health promotion interventions in context via youth voice and community partnerships

Speaker: Dr. Springer
Length: 1:01:02 minutes

This webinar explored the design method of health promotion interweaving into settings and environments, defined as weaving or blending health promotion strategies, practices, programs, and policies to fit within and build from existing context. In doing so, we will first share our experience with the Youth-led Community Health Learning Initiative, a youth-led community health assessment initiative aimed at identifying both needs and actionable opportunities for health improvement in partnership with two central Texas communities. We will then share highlights and lessons learned from the Stronger Austin initiative, a community partner-driven initiative in which free adult fitness classes were interwoven into settings with widespread access for community residents, including clinics, public schools, city-supported housing, recreation centers and neighborhood parks.


Andrew Springer, DrPH, Associate Professor, Health Promotion & Behavioral Sciences

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