Double Burden of Malnutrition Epidemiology in Low-and-Middle Income Communities

Speaker: Augusto César F. De Moraes, PhD, MSc, BS
Length: 52:40 minutes

Recently, Hutchinson identified a connection between iron and excessive adiposity. To this combined effect, the scientists characterize as “Double Burden of Malnutrition” (DBM), which consists of the coexistence of undernutrition (deficiencies) and overnutrition in the same population across the life course. The DBM concept also recognizes that undernutrition early in the life course contributes to an increased propensity for overnutrition in adulthood. The prevalence of DBM in low-in-middle income communities has received great attention from scientific and governmental communities. The aim of this webinar is to present the coexistence of undernutrition and obesity at the individual, household, and country levels and the degree to which nutrition programs and policies take into account the double burden within their scope and objectives in Low-and-Middle Income Communities.

Speaker: Augusto César F. De Moraes, PhD, MSc, BS, Assistant Professor, Department of Epidemiology, Human Genetics and Environmental Science at UTHealth School of Public Health Austin Campus

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