Active Transportation & Built Environment

Bills that are relevant to active transportation and built environment research taking place at the Michael & Susan Dell Center for Healthy Living can be viewed here.

Active Transportation & Built Environment

Bill # Author Status Brief Description Past Bills (2017)
SB 43 State Sen. Judith Zaffarini Referred to State Affairs - 2/1/19 Amends Section 543.004(a) to allow use of a portable electronic device while driving in the case of an emergency. Allows the use of dashboard cameras. These exceptions are not available to drivers under the age of 18, school bus drivers, or to anyone operating a commercial vehicle with a minor passenger.
HB 1105 State Rep. Valoree Swanson

Referred to Transportation - 2/26/19

Establishes Subchapter B, Chapter 542, Transportation as the preemptive statute in Texas.
HB 2188 State Rep. John Frullo Voted on by Senate - 5/13/19 Requires a person to be at least  15 years old to operate an electric bicycle. Defines what regulations cities may impose on the operation of electric bicycles. Establishes top speed to be 20 mph (class 2) or 28 mph (class 3).
SB 180 State Sen. Borris L. Miles

Referred to Natural Resources & Economic Development - 2/1/19

In designated "Environmental justice Communities" (>30% have income below 200% of federal poverty level OR 50% or more are racial/ethnic minority), permits for a new facility must file a public participation plan, consult with chief elected official, participate in a public hearing, and may mitigate negative environmental impacts via area improvements such as bike lanes, park staffing, urban forestry, community gardens, environmental education reducing diesel pollution, or other negotiated benefit.
SB 1183 State Sen. Donna Campbell

Referred to Transportation - 3/7/19

Includes charter schools in code surrounding school speed limits, makes it easier to appeal rejections of requests by schools for speed limit restrictions.
SB 2298 State Sen. Beverly Powell

Referred to Transportation - 3/21/19

Establishes a competitive grant program for schools wishing to install school monitoring systems. Allows fines of vehicles photographed violating safety rules.