The following are the required classes for the Dietetic Internship and when they are offered:

Dietetic Internship Year 1 (course descriptions are available)

PH 5098-125 Culinary Medicine Course (2 credits)
PH 1232 Public Health Nutrition Practice (3 credits)

PH 9997 Section 800 Supervised Practice Public Health Practicum (community & food service rotations) (1-9 credits)
PH 5098-5212 Garden for Health

PH 9997 Section 870 Supervised Practice Diet Intern/Diabetes Seminar (1-3 credits)
PH 9997 Diabetes Seminar (1 week long course-1 credit)
PH 1496 ILE/Capstone - Seed to Plate to Prevention or These (2 credits)

Dietetic Internship Year 2

PH 1231 Advances in Medical Nutrition Therapy (3 credits)
PH 1229 Sim Lab (2 credits)
PH 1496 ILE/Capstone - Seed to Plate to Prevention or Thesis (1 credit)

PH 9997 Section 850 Supervised Practice Public Health Practicum (clinical & specialty practice) 1-9 credits

Please note that these are the required courses for the Dietetic Internship. The student’s School of Public Health Advisory Committee will direct and advise the students regarding their academic courses in their MPH/MS degree plans.

School of Public Health Core course descriptions are available online every semester.

Please note Dietetic Interns have a special track under Health Promotions / Behavioral Science

Completion Requirements

Note: Completion of the Dietetic Internship is independent of the completion of the School of Public Health Degree Program. The majority of the Dietetic Interns take approximately 22 months to complete the Dietetic Internship Program. The Program begins in August of year 1 and will typically end in June of year 2. If delays occur, our goal timeframe to complete the Dietetic Internship Program is 33 months (150% of the program completion timeframe).

(*Please see School of Public Health Degree Programs page to determine length of study for each graduate degree.) Completion of the Dietetic Internship will require the following:

  1. Successful completion of all planned experiences for each competency stated in the Performance Requirements as evaluated by Supervised Practice preceptors and the Director and Asst. Director of Dietetic Internship Program.
  2. Successful completion of all program rotations with satisfactory evaluations (competency and professional behavior) for each rotation.
  3. A minimum of 1000 clock hours in supervised practice facilities for achievement of performance requirements for entry-level dietitians.
  4. Required coursework needed for completion of DI program:
    • PH 1232 – Public Health Nutrition Practices
    • PH 9997  Section 800 Specialty Practice Public Health Practicum (community and foodservice)
    • PH 9997  Section 870 Specialty Practice Diabetes Seminar
    • PH 1229 – Sim Lab
    • PH 1231  Advances in Medical Nutrition Therapy/Simulation Training
    • PH 9997  850 Specialty Practice Public Health Practicum (clinical and specialty practice)
  5. Recommendations by faculty and staff in supervised practice settings that the student has successfully mastered the competencies necessary for achievement of the Performance Requirements for entry-level dietitians. Achievement will be determined by various evaluation methods, both formative and summative.

After satisfactory completion of the required supervised practice experiences, the Program Director will provide the Dietetic Intern with a copy of the Verification Form indicating completion of the Dietetic Internship Program at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. The Program Director will complete the necessary administrative work to notify the Commission on Dietetic Registration of the Dietetic Intern’s status. The Dietetic Intern will then complete the necessary paperwork to register for the Registration Examination for Dietitians and take the examination via their own arrangements. The Program Director will also provide the Dietetic Intern with information on becoming a Licensed Dietitian in the State of Texas.