Dolores Woods, MA, RDN, LD

Photo of Dolores Woods

Nutritionist Supervisor

After completing her undergraduate education at UC Riverside, Ms. Woods moved to New York City to attend culinary school and received a Grand Diplôme in Culinary Arts from the French Culinary Institute. She has worked in the restaurant industry and taught cooking classes for several years. Her interest in food, cooking and  sustainability led her to complete a Master’s degree in Food Studies from New York University. Later, she attended the Coordinated Dietetics Program at California State University, Los Angeles to become a registered dietitian. Her experience includes teaching hands-on, evidence-based classes focusing on seed to plate and culinary medicine. In addition, Dolores has extensive experience as a National Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) Lifestyle Coach and counseling a diverse population of underserved clients. She is bilingual in both English and Spanish. Dolores is enthusiastic about teaching others about nutrition and working toward healthy lifestyles.  Prior to becoming a registered dietitian, Dolores served an apprenticeship at Maison Carratie in Bezier, France and worked in five-star restaurants including Patina, Spago Beverly Hills, and Campanile.

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