Andrew Springer, DrPH

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Associate Professor, Health Promotion & Behavioral Sciences

Research Interests – Adolescent health promotion; physical activity; childhood obesity prevention; socio-ecological influences of health behavior; epidemiology of child and adolescent health behaviors in Latin America.

Honors – Philip C. Johnson, III Veteran Service Award, Amigos de las Americas, 2005; Environmental Health Scholar Award, BFI, 1998, UTHealth School of Public Health Community Service Award recipient (2012), and 2nd Place Winner, UTHealth School of Public Health McGovern Teacher of the Year (2012, 2016).

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Current Projects

Activate Ya

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The purpose of this study is to develop and test the efficacy of a multiple-component intervention to prevent tobacco use and promote physical activity for 7th-8th graders in Uruguay.

CATCH Middle School

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The Central Texas CATCH Middle School Project (CATCH MS) was a school-based health promotion initiative aimed at promoting physical activity, healthy eating and obesity prevention among middle school students living in central Texas.

CATCH (Coordinated Approach To Child Health)

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CATCH is a research-based program designed to guide schools, families and children in healthy eating and physical activity.

Active Play-Active Learning

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The Active Play-Active Learning project incorporates playground markings enhancements to school play areas to encourage ‘active learning’ during recess and class time.

Recent Publications

The relationships between sensation seeking and a spectrum of e-cigarette use behaviors in Texas adolescents: Cross-sectional and longitudinal analyses specific to Texas adolescents

(Case KR, Harrell MB, Pérez A, Loukas A, Creamer M, Wilkinson A, Springer A, Perry CL; Addict Behav.; 2017)

Health by Design: Interweaving Health Promotion into Environments and Settings

(Andrew E. Springer, Alexandra E. Evans, Jaquelin Ortuño, Deborah Salvo, Maria Teresa Varela Arévalo; Frontiers in Public Health 5; 2017)

The association between sensation seeking and e-cigarette use in Texas young adults: A cross-sectional study

(Case K, Loukas A, Harrell M, Wilkinson A, Springer A, Pérez A, Creamer M, Perry CL; J Am Coll Health. 2017)

Assessing environmental assets for health promotion program planning: a practical framework for health promotion practitioners

(Springer A, Evans, A; Health Promot Perspect; 2016)

Bullied status and physical activity in Texas Adolescents

(Case KR, Pérez A, Saxton DL, Hoelscher DM, Springer AE; Health Education and Behavior; 2015)

Recent News

Interview with the ¡Activate Ya! project team: "We see great potential for Muuvit in South America!”

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Muuvit has been incorporated as part of the ¡Activate Ya! tobacco prevention and physical activity promotion program in Uruguay.