Regional Representatives

Health Service Region 1
Naima Moustaid-Moussa, PhD, FTOS, FAHA
Horn Distinguished Professor, Department of Nutritional Sciences, College of Human Sciences
Director, Obesity Research Institute, Office of Research & Innovation
Texas Tech University
[email protected] 

Health Service Region 2/3
Victoria Nelson
Manager, Childhood Obesity
Children's Health - Dallas
[email protected]  

Health Service Region 4/5N
Paula Butler, MAg,RDN, LD
Regional Program Leader
4-H Youth Development
Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service
[email protected]  

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Health Service Region 6/5S
LaPorcha Carter, MPH
Senior Manager - Chronic Disease Prevention
Nutrition and Chronic Disease Prevention 
Harris County Public Health
[email protected] 

Health Service Region 7
Kara Prior Hanaoka
Senior Director of Program Delivery
[email protected]

Health Service Region 8
Denise Benoit-Moctezuma
Chronic Disease Prevention Manager
City of San Antonio Metropolitan Health District
[email protected]  


Health Service Region 9/10
Eufemia (Pema) B Garcia, MBA
Regional Director, Western Rio Grande Region, Colonia Program
College of Architecture at Texas A&M University
[email protected] 

Health Service Region 11
Belinda Reininger, DrPH
Associate Professor, Health Promotion & Behavioral Sciences
The University of Texas School of Public Health in Brownsville
[email protected]