Tobacco & E-cigarettes

Bills that are relevant to tobacco and e-cigarette research taking place at the Michael & Susan Dell Center for Healthy Living can be viewed here.

Tobacco & E-cigarettes

Bill # Author Status Brief Description Past Bills (2019)
SB 216 State Senator Nathan Johnson Received by the Secretary of the Senate - 11/23/20 A tax is imposed on each sale of an e-cigarette in this state, including a sale made through a marketplace, except that the tax does not apply to a sale unless the tax imposed under Subchapter C, Chapter 151, applies to the sale.
SB 248 State Senator Nathan Johnson Received by the Secretary of the Senate - 12/17/20 A person may not engage in business as an cigarette retailer in this state unless the person has been issued a permit from the comptroller. A person shall obtain a permit for each place of business the person owns or operates at which sales of e-cigarettes are made.  

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