CATCH Healthy Smiles

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CATCH Healthy Smiles teaches students why toothbrushing, flossing, dentist visits, and healthy food and drink choice are important to oral health. Students will learn and practice the skills necessary to maintain healthy smiles. The program includes:

  • Eight interactive TEKS-aligned lessons with coordinating extension activities and PE supplemental activities for K-2 students

  • Parent resource site with smile care tips, videos, and activities

  • Digital platform with easy access to curriculum and supporting materials for teachers

Key Project Staff:

Shreela Sharma, PhD - Principle Investigator
Steven Kelder, PhD, MPH - Co-Investigator
Ru-Jye Chuang, DrPH, MS - Co-Investigator
Courtney Byrd-Williams, PhD - Co-Investigator
Jose-Miguel Yamal, PhD - Co-Investigator
Ana Neumann, DDS, MPH, PhD - Co-Investigator
Gisela Bona, DDS, MS - Co-Investigator

Funding Agency:
National Institute for Dental and Craniofacial Research

Project Status:

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