2024 public health research and resources

Published: April 1, 2024

The first full week of April marks National Public Health Week, during which public health contributions and issues are highlighted. The Center’s work toward healthy children in a healthy world is grounded in public health principles. Celebrate this week, in part, by learning more about many of the Center’s public health efforts and research projects. 


The school setting provides important opportunities to learn, grow, and be healthy. Take a look at some of the Center’s efforts to promote a healthy school environment.   

Nutrition is a critical part of our work to advance healthy living for children and families. The Center has a wide range of research, resources, and programs to promote nutrition in various settings and communities. 

Facets of everyday life, from screen time to transportation, are encompassed in physical activity research and are a focus of the Center’s work and resources. 

E-cigarettes quickly rose in popularity among youth despite evidence indicating their harmful effects. Researchers at the Center have been working to understand teen vaping behaviors.  



Over the past several years, the Center has hosted countless webinars that feature highly esteemed public health experts discussing various public health-related topics. These recent Center-hosted webinars, which can all be accessed on the Center website, include: 


Active Texas 2030: Faith-Based Sector 


Active Texas 2030: Public Health Sector 

Active 2030 media.png

Active Texas 2030: Media & Communications Sector 

Active 2030 transportation.png

Active Texas 2030: Transportation, Land Use, and Community Design Sector 


Active Texas 2030: Business and Industry Sector 

Analysis of count.png

Analysis of Count Data in Medical and Social Sciences: An Application to Smoking Among Students 

Food insecurity overview.png

Food Insecurity in Texas: An Overview from Public Health and Pediatrician Perspectives 

Food insecurity clinic and community.png

Food Insecurity in Texas: Clinic and Community - Based Approaches 

Food insecurity state level.png

Food Insecurity in Texas: State Level Policies to Make an Impact 

Climate change and child health.png

Immunizations: Vaccines Cause Adults 

Climate change and child health.png

The Impact of Climate Change on Child Health 

Maternal Health Thumbnail.jpg

Maternal Child Health in Texas: A Continuing Crisis 

Thumbnail_Nutrition Intervention.jpg

Nutrition Intervention among Formerly Chronically Homeless Adults in Permanent Supportive Housing 

Cessation webinar.jpg

Promoting Healthy Choices and Support for Vaping Cessation Among Youth & Families 

Thumbnail_Understanding Youth Movement Behaviors TX SPAN Survey Insights_03-26-24-1.png

Understanding Youth Movement Behaviors: Texas SPAN Survey Insights 

Compiled by Ali Linan, communication assistant, and Emily Torres, MPH candidate and graduate research assistant at UTHealth Houston School of Public Health in Austin.